Dunnet Forest has been mapped for orienteering and we have installed a permanent course. Our thanks to the Dounreay Apprentices for their work in painting and installing the control posts.

Dunnet Forest Orienteering map (pdf file - 773K)

This file contains an orienteering map of Dunnet Forest at a scale of 1:7500. It should print on A4 (landscape) - you will need to check that your printer prints at 100% and does not try to "fit to page".

Dunnet Forest Orienteering courses (pdf file - 36K)

This file contains control descriptions, a brief guide to the forest and orienteering maps, and details of six suggested courses, including a step by step guide to completing the easiest course. You could print it on the reverse of your map.

We will be producing pre-printed maps at a scale of 1:5000. These will be available shortly from a number of local sources, e.g. the DFT Office, The Seadrift Ranger Station, Tourist Information, etc.

Blank maps (i.e. without the permanent course) will be available for local groups wishing to organise training or competitions. Please contact the forester to make arrangements.

For more information on orienteering:
Scottish Orienteering Association
British Orienteering Federation