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DFT Northern Woodheat Report (2007) (pdf file - 1,347K)

This report gives details and results of harvesting, extraction, residue recovery and chipping trials carried out by DFT as part of Northern WoodHeat, a 3 year (2005 2007) EU Northern Periphery Programme project managed by Highland Birchwoods with partners in Scotland, Iceland and Finland which aimed to investigate the economics of small and medium scale woodfuel supply chains.

Dunnet Forest Management Plan (2001) (pdf file - 1,022K)

The Dunnet Forest Management Plan was produced locally in 2001 by the Dunnet Bay Initiative following extensive community consultation. The plan assesses strengths and weaknesses of the forest, clarifies constraints, physical and contractual, on future management, and describes the community aspirations and ideal management objectives. The plan identifies the importance of recreational and amenity provision, and the urgent need to restructure the forest to ensure its long-term future.

Dunnet Forestry Trust Recreational Management Plan (text) (2004) (pdf file - 82K)
Dunnet Forestry Trust Recreational Management Plan (map) (jpg image - 212K)

The Recreation Management Plan sets out how the Trust will maintain and enhance the recreational and amenity value of the forest over the next five years, and in particular describe:
how and where new facilities such as paths, etc are to be established and maintained
how recreation management will be integrated with other aspects of woodland management
how legal constraints and safety issues will affect recreational provision.

DFT carried out a wide consultation as part of the process of producing the Plan

Consultation Paper (text) on Draft Recreational Management Plan (pdf file - 43K)
Consultation Paper (map) on Draft Recreational Management Plan (jpg image - 212K)

Consultation on the draft plan closed 31 August 2004.