For sales outwith the log sale dates, please contact any of the following to arrange a convenient collection time.

Andrew Wands

01955 611452

David Glass

01847 851695

Robbie Keith

01847 821350


3rd November 2018, 1st December 2018, 15th December 2018,

5th January 2019, 2nd February 2019.

Log sales are held on the 1st Saturday of every month with an additional December sale for firewood and Christmas trees.

If a log sale has to be postponed during winter months because of extreme weather conditions, ie snow and ice making loading conditions very dangerous, a notice with all information will always be posted on the Forest's Facebook page. To check go to Facebook and type in Dunnet Forestry Trust.


Bulk prices are based on one cubic metre. The cost will be calculated pro rata on the day by measuring the volume after being loaded into your trailer or vehicle.

Logs (2m lengths)                £30 m3

Logs (1m lengths)                £32 m3 (larger diameter)

Cut rings                                £40 m3

Split logs                                £65 m3

Woodchip                             £25 m3

Bags of split logs                  £3.50 per bag

Woodchip                             £4 per bag

Kindling                                 £1 per small bag

£5 per large bag

Sawdust                                £3 per bag

Bark                                       £3 per bag

Poles to order:

8 foot poles                          £4 each

10 foot poles                        £5 each

12 foot poles                        £6 each

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